10 Authentic Brazilian Recipes for the 2016 Olympics

Photo by CC Food Travel

With the 2016 Olympics opening in Brazil on August 6th, I thought it would be fun to cook a Brazilian dinner for opening night. After peeking through my recipes, I realized I have never cooked any Brazilian food.

I’ve eaten it in restaurants, but never cooked it at home. I find that a little sad, since I’ve enjoyed the Brazilian food that I’ve eaten. In fact, Brazil is on my bucket list of places to visit for its food. That’s how much I like it. So why haven’t I cooked any?

I’m really not sure the answer to that one, except it comes down to…so many cuisines, so little time. I have plenty of Mexican and Southwestern recipes, but Brazilian food is a culture and way of cooking all its own.

Traditional Brazilian dishes include churrasco (barbecued meats), feijoada (black bean stew), moqueca (fish stews), soups, Pao de Queijo (gluten-free cheese bread), filled pastries and finger foods. Many Brazilian foods are gluten-free, which is great for all you none gluten eating people. While still using wheat flour, Brazilians use more tapioca or cassava flour.

Brazilian food is a beautiful marriage of yummy flavors. Much of it is also very inexpensive to make and easily adjustable for your tastes and flavors. It uses a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables. And uses all the parts of the animals. It’s nose to tail at its finest.

I have to admit I’m still working on eating the innards of the animals. Having traveled in Europe and Morocco for the last year, we’ve been exposed to plenty of parts eating culture. Some has actually been pretty tasty and some I don’t plan on  eating again. That being said, I’m not going to miss the chance to try new foods, just because parts are in them.

At the time of the Olympics, I’m in Ireland, so I’m hoping to find the ingredients to make my Brazilian menu along with you. If I can’t find what I need, I may have to create a play on the Brazilian food, using what I can get. That’s the fun of cooking. Being flexible enough to not be afraid of switching up the recipe. Substitutions are always legal, whether it’s in sports or food.

I’ve tried to include authentic Brazilian recipes, not plays on them. Of course, everyone’s recipes differ based on who cooked it or the region it comes from. After all, this is about giving you a taste of Brazil, not a taste of somewhere else.

I hope you all enjoy my Brazilian menu. And please feel free to share how it turned out for you, what recipes you tried or if you have any authentic Brazilian recipes I can try.


Feed Me Phoebe

A favorite found all over Brazil is this Pao De Queijo or Gluten-Free Brazilian Cheese Bread recipe from Feed Me Phoebe.

2 Coxinha (Dough stuffed with different types of fillings)

Brazilian Flair in the USA

Enjoy this Brazilian street food Coxinha recipe from Brazilian Flair in the USA.

3 Pastel de Carne (Similar to Empanadas)

The Amazing Flavors of Brazil

Pastel is Brazil street food. Yummy little pockets are deep-fried with meat, cheese, heart of palm or veggie fillings. Make your own Pastel de Carne recipe from The Amazing Flavors of Brazil.

4 Moqueca de Peixe e Camarão

Photo Great British Chefs: Recipe Marcello Tully

You’ll love this Moqueca de Peixe e Camarão recipe on Great British Chefs by Brazilian chef Marcello Tully.

5 Feijoada (Black Bean Stew)

The Amazing Flavors of Brazil

Yummy black beans and meat come together in this Feijoada recipe from The Amazing Flavors of Brazil is a little less traditional than the traditional recipe which includes lots of parts. If you want a completely traditional recipe check out this recipe from Flavors of Brazil.

6 Churrasco (Brazilian BBQ)

Brazilian Flair in the USA

Grilled meats are a common dish in Brazil. This Churrasco recipe from Brazilian Flair in the USA teaches you how to have a traditional Brazilian bbq.

7 Mandioca Frita (Fried Cassava)

Easy Brazilian Recipes

Get a different twist on fries using this Mandioca Frita recipe from easy Brazilian Recipes.

8 Farofa Gaucha (Seasoned Cassava Flour)

Olivia’s Cuisine

You can’t miss having the traditional side dish made out of manioc flour in this Brazilian farofa recipe from Olivia’s Cuisine.

9 Bolinho de Chuva (Brazilian Donut)

Photo by Robert Souza for Chef Leticia


Traditional Brazilian donuts are fried dough rolled in sugar and this Bolinho de Chuva recipe by Chef Leticia makes my mouth water.

10 Mousse de Maracujà (Passion fruit Mousse)

Epices et Baobabs

Simple desserts are sometimes the best and it doesn’t get better than this Mousse de Maracujà recipe from Epices et Baobabs.

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  1. Ludmilla says:

    Thank you for sharing our recipes!! Go Brazil!! Go Usa!!!

    1. Heidi Medina says:

      We look forward to trying them. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  2. Great post on Brazilian food! I love the variety and the different influences in their cuisine. Thank you for sharing the Maracuja recipe 🙂 May the games begin!!!

    1. Heidi Medina says:

      Thank you. And thanks for your wonderful looking recipe. I am looking forward to trying it. 🙂

      1. Hope you like it 😉

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