We have moved – Simply Sophisticated Cooking .com

20160804_135528-01Things are changing.

I’m transferring Simply Sophisticated Cooking from the WordPress free platform to a self-hosted platform this week. So I’m sorry to say, there will not be any new recipes or posting this week because I cannot make any changes to the blog at the same time I’m transferring the content.

The change is a good thing because it opens up new doors for the site, so I’m very excited. I’ll be able to customize the site and make it more useful. Also, able to add useful plugins which will help everything run smoother. Not to mention, be able to promote Simply Sophisticated Cooking across new platforms which only allow self-hosted sites. So exciting!

Please bear with me through the “construction” process of switching. I’m crossing my fingers for no glitches! And probably preform a few meditation sessions to keep my calm throughout.

Thanks for hanging in there with me over the years and through this transfer process. You are wonderful readers and I do appreciate the kindness you’ve shown me through my changes and growth.

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