Vegetarian Buckwheat and Black Bean Chili

I didn’t realize until traveling to Europe and Morocco, how underutilized whole grains, or cereals as the Europeans call them, are in the diets of Americans. Or the hubby’s and my diet. Barley, millet, rye, buckwheat, farro, whole wheat couscous, whole corn, quinoa, sorghum, whole oats, rice and bulgar wheat are all whole grains. The…

10 Authentic Brazilian Recipes for the 2016 Olympics

With the 2016 Olympics opening in Brazil on August 6th, I thought it would be fun to cook a Brazilian dinner for opening night. After peeking through my recipes, I realized I have never cooked any Brazilian food. I’ve eaten it in restaurants, but never cooked it at home. I find that a little sad, since…

Beef Tagine and the Differences Between Tagine and Couscous

Eating Moroccan food in Morocco was an eye-opening experience. Tagine is NOT served with couscous. Couscous is a different dish. Tagine served in the Western world is actually couscous. Tagine is NOT served with couscous. They are not the same dish. Nor are they served together. They even cook in different types of cooking pots….

Chickpea and Spinach Curry

One of the necessities with cooking while traveling is learning to cook with what you have. I more often have a stove top, but not an oven. Also, most places tend to have one large pot for cooking. As a result, many of our recipes are one-pot meals cooked in the one large pot. You also have…

Celery, Carrot and Fennel Bean Stew

Finally, a recipe from Italy! Going to Italy is confirmation of my love for food. Italy equals good food. There just is no other way to say it. Of course, you can find crappy food there, but it is rare and most often because you did not avoid the tourist areas and the chain restaurants….