Guinness Lamb and Parsnip Cottage Pie

After spending two months in Dublin, Ireland, one cannot help but be influenced by the food. Cabbage, potatoes, seafood, lamb, Irish butter and Guinness are just a few of the commonly used Irish ingredients that inspired me. It’s not to get excited when I talk about Ireland. This green country produces some of the best…

Roasted Carrot Fries

I love the sweet, crunchiness of carrots. Toss in the different colored tastes and flavors of heirloom carrots and I am even more in heaven. Today, I am sharing a simple recipe for roasted carrot fries. Such a great replacement for French fries and so much more flavor. Eat them plain or make an aioli…

Celery, Carrot and Fennel Bean Stew

Finally, a recipe from Italy! Going to Italy is confirmation of my love for food. Italy equals good food. There just is no other way to say it. Of course, you can find crappy food there, but it is rare and most often because you did not avoid the tourist areas and the chain restaurants….

Slow Cooker Cooking: Sausage and Fennel Cassoulet

Staying inspired for cooking from the hotel room, is a bit challenging because of the limits of not having my arsenal of spices, knives, pots, pans and of course a full-size fridge. It is a challenge I have enjoyed since it forces me to use my crock pot more. I love the taste tests at…

Fall Harvest Bisque

It’s the last week of October and time to start thinking about cool weather and the upcoming holiday season. Denver is finally cooling off, it’s been unseasonably warm but we have frost in the forecast for tonight. Fragrant rosemary, lemon scented geraniums and the fluorescent fuchsia pink blooms of my regular geranium line the windowsills….